3D Paper Hearts Paper Craft


3D Paper Hearts Paper Craft

I love easy paper crafts, especially those that take less than 15 minutes to make! These cute little hanging 3D paper hearts can be used for decorations in classrooms, parties, or even at home. Three pieces of 8.5”X11” pieces of paper will make four medium sized hearts.  Here is how to make them.

Time: >15


I chose three different hues of pink for my paper hearts. You can use red, white, and black too or try using metallic or glittered paper.

3D Paper Hearts

I cut each piece of paper in four equal parts with a paper cutter.

3D Pink Paper Hearts

Take one of each color, stack them, and fold them in half as shown.

3D Paper Hearts Tutorial

Cut a half shape of a heart with a pair of mixed-media scissors.  Just like in grade school! mixed-media scissors work well for cutting through all three sheets of paper. You want to make sure they match up when you tape them together. Another option is to make a heart template.

3D Paper Hearts Valentines Day Decor

You will have three matching hearts in three different colors.

3D Paper Hearts Decoration

Using double sided tape or glue, tape the three hearts together as shown.

3 Dimensional Paper Hearts

Lastly, cut a piece of string at the desired length and hot glue it to the center of your 3D paper heart.

3D Paper Hearts How To

There you have it! In less than 15 minutes, you have four three dimensional hanging paper hearts for your Valentine’s Day decor.

3D Paper Hearts for Valentines Day

3D Paper Hearts DIY Inspired

3D Paper Hearts Craft Lightning

Be sure to stop by the other blogs participating in this Craft Lightning Valentine’s Edition.  Thank you to our hosts and co-hosts, 30 Minute Crafts, The Country Chic Cottage, and 100 Directions!

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