Loren Crane
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Loren’s journey as a crafter began when she had her son. She found that she could create anything her mind could come up with her limit was her imagination. It also helped that she has a very supportive husband. She started with a simple book folding technique to now reupholstering chairs. DIY is her passion and she hopes to inspire others to take a chance and know that if a city girl who did not know how to use a glue gun could do it so can you. Now she is a thrifty, antiquing and dumpster diving woman who can’t pass up a good deal. She can see beauty in everything and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it. Come a join her on her blog, Pandora’s Craft Box!

Egg Carton Easter Decoration

I’ve been looking for cute little ceramic egg carton everywhere and I can’t seem to find them. During Easter time they seem to be all over Pinterest and I just get the urge to get one but I can’t seem…

DIY Wood State Art

DIY Wood State Art, Written By Loren Crane I’ve been to many states but there have been to places in this world that I would call home. They are New York and California. I miss one home but live in th…

DIY Marquee Sign

DIY Marquee Sign, Written by Loren Crane of Pandora’s Craft Box We have a new little addition to our life and our little princess seem to be missing something in her room and guess what it was? I hear…