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Free Best Friend Printables for a Girls Weekend or Bachelorette Party

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You know you are best friends with someone when you can call them a “bitch” and they regard it as a term of endearment. Ha! Therefore, I decided to create these free best friend printables, in honor of my very best bitches.

I have known my circle of best girlfriends for over 20 years now. We try to go on a girl’s weekend getaway once a year. It’s an escape from motherhood and a time for bonding with the people who know you the best. You can use these gift ideas for your girl’s trip, birthday party, bachelorette party or bridal shower.

I made these printables versatile, so that you can use them for different types of party favors as well. They are modern and clean to fit any party theme. I also made some specifically for mini liquor and alcohol bottles and scented candles.

Watch the Video

Watch a short video of the favors I made.

Free Best Friend Printable Downloads

There are three different downloads I made. Just click on the link provided to get a free PDF file. If you choose to make your own designs, will send you a link for instructions and a custom template for the size you choose when your order ships to you.

Cheers Bitches - Party Favor Idea

Mini Liquor Bottle Printable

For these mini Ketel One Vodka bottles I used the Shop by Use feature on under Bottle Labels and chose the Emerald Labels under Liquor Bottle Labels. This website feature is great because you can find labels for wine bottles and beer bottles as well. The mini liquor bottle labels I made have “Cheer’s Bitches!” on them. This label would also work great on mini wine bottles. I used the Standard White Matte; however, I would recommend using the White Gloss option.

Get the FREE download here: Mini Liquor Bottle Printable for 2.125″ x 3″ Emerald Labels

DIY Girls Weekend Liquor Bottle Labels

Love, Relax, Thanks Printables

Because not all parties are created equal, I wanted to create some versatile labels as well. In this free download you will find small oval labels that say:

  • Love You, Bitch
  • Relax, Bitch
  • Thanks, Bitch
  • Survival Kit

Love You Bitch- Girls Weekend Idea

You can use these for so many different types of party favors. Here are some ideas:

  • Place them on small candles like I did.
  • Put them on lip balm or lip gloss and mirror compacts.
  • Stick them on mints and chocolate bars.
  • Put them on travel size lotions and hand sanitizer.
  • Make your own Survival Kit party bag with hair ties, bandages, aspirin, lip balm, mints, and other weekend getaway necessities.
  • Use them as gift tags for any small gift.

The small candles pictured were found in sets of two at Hobby Lobby.

Get the FREE download here: Love, Relax, Thanks Printables for 1.5″ x 1.125″ Oval Labels

Best Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Best Friend Candle Printable

Last but definitely not least, are these hilarious candle labels. I had the best time designing these and made six different ones to represent different personalities in your inner circle of BFF’s. I used the same Emerald labels that I used for the liquor bottles.

Basic Bitch Party Label

They say:

  1. Basic Bitch: Scented candle with hints of Predictability and Unoriginality
  2. Boss Bitch: Scented candle with hints of Confidence, Influence, and Empowerment
  3. Classy Bitch: Scented candle with hints of Elegance and Good Manners
  4. Crazy Bitch: Scented candle with hints of Emotional Instability
  5. Funny Bitch: Scented candle with hints of Hilarity and Sarcasm
  6. Not a Bitch: Scented candle with hints of No One Can Ever Hate You Because You’re Too Damn Sweet

I found these candles for a few dollars at TJ Maxx. They were the perfect size and as a bonus did not have an existing label on them. There were several options to choose from.

Which candle are you? I bet you already assigned one to your bestie. I, in fact, may be a little bit of all six, Ha!

Get the FREE download here: Best Friend Candle Printable for 2.125″ x 3″ Emerald Labels

DIY Best Friend Candles

Which Labels Do I Choose?

The labels pictured in this post and video are the 2.125″ x 3″ Emerald Labels and 1.5″ x 1.125″ Oval Labels. When choosing labels for your own designs be sure to measure surface area before you buy. make it very easy for you to download the free template and walks you through the process with thorough instructions.

Trouble Shooting Label Printing

I must admit that I ran into some trouble aligning my designs, however the online live chat support was quick and easy and helpful. There is also an extensive Troubleshooting Label Printing page that I found very thorough.

Printer settings will depend on your computer and printer. For me, I found it helpful to save my file into Adobe Acrobat and print the labels from there, choosing the “print in actual size” option.

I hope you like my free best friend printables and find some inspiration here. Cheers to an upcoming and memorable celebration with your best Bitches!

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Best Bachelorette Party Favors

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