Crafting With Toilet Paper Rolls


Ideas for Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls

We may be stuck at home in an odd time where toilet paper is invaluable. We’ve been using it sparingly; however, we have been collecting and saving the rolls. Being stuck at home, we need some things to do! Here are some ideas for crafting with toilet paper rolls at home.

Make a Bunny

With some scrapbook or construction paper, make a toilet paper roll bunny. Cut our ears, a nose, and feet with paper and glue them on. Play around with patterns and colors.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

Wrap Small Gifts

Use the tubes to wrap small gifts. Wrap the gift in colorful tissue paper, insert them in the tube, tie the ends with and ribbon. Use paper or paint to cover the outside of the tube.

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrapping

Recycled TP Roll Reindeer

Gather some sticks outside and make a toilet paper roll reindeer.


Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys

Make a turkey with construction paper and cardboard tubes.


Turn Cardboard Tubes into Dolls

Make cute little recycled paper dolls with cardboard tubes and ribbon rolls. Add yarn for the hair and add little hats!


Get Creative with a Shoebox

With an old shoebox and some art supplies, make a play castle. Use toilet paper tubes to make the towers. Cut out windows and make little furniture. You can also turn the tubes into trees!

Send Someone a Card

Make little hearts from the tube, paint them, and make a card. This is a fun one for little fingers.

Heart Card Craft for Kids

Make a Four-Leaf Clover

Bring yourself some luck and make this cute little recycled four-leaf clover.


Flower Ornament

Make a pretty Flower Ornament. Not just a Christmas ornament, you can paint the petals different colors. Add little gems for the center of the flower.




Make a Candy Filled Spider

Since you’re filling this one with candy, maybe you should use a paper towel roll for this cute little spider.



Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls

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  1. Any trouble with hiding the seams or the seams separating? I’ve spent months on Christmas Snowflakes and I’m throwing them all out as they show seams, the paint is rough, etc.

    What am I doing wrong????

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