Crazy Hat Day Ideas

Easy and Creative DIY Crazy Hat Day Ideas

Crazy Hat Ideas

Here is a fun list of crazy hat day ideas and tutorials. In this article you will find how to make:

  • Butterfly and Pipe Cleaner Hat
  • Butterfly Derby Headband
  • Top Hat Headband
  • Popcorn Headband
  • Yogurt Container Hat
  • Unicorn Headband

Butterfly and Pipe Cleaner Crazy Hat

My daughter had crazy hat day at her preschool and OF COURSE I couldn’t just let her go into school with a regular hat. We had this hat in her dress up clothes that was perfect. I didn’t want to permanently ruin it so she could use it again so we crafted it accordingly.  Here is our crazy hat day idea.


I gave my daughter a pen and taught her how to wrap the pipe cleaners around them to make them squiggly. She absolutely LOVED doing this and this task pretty much kept her occupied the entire time. I stuck random colored pipe cleaners into the hat about two inches in and bent the ends. Some we made squiggly, some zigzagged, and some in shapes my daughter made up.

Crazy Hat Day Idea

Once the pipe cleaners were all in, we took pieces of duct tape and taped down the pipe cleaners onto the inside of the hat. This kept them stable and sturdy. I traced a bowl and cut out a circle to put on the inside so it was soft. I used hot glue to stick it in. Make sure the hot glue does not go onto the hat directly if you want to keep it.

Crazy Hat Day DIY Idea

Lastly, we added craft flowers, butterflies, and a caterpillar. It turned out great and held up throughout an entire day and then some of preschool.


Crazy Hat Day Idea for School

Upcycled Butterfly Headband Crazy Hat

Here is a crazy hat idea I had during the Kentucky Derby one year.


  • Headband
  • Cardboard (I used a soda container)
  • Styrofoam
  • Pipe Cleaners or Floral Wire
  • Mesh Ribbon
  • Craft Butterflies
  • Tulle
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun

DIY Butterfly Kentucky Derby Hat Headband


I made a quick Instagram Reel tutorial for this one. You can also view it on TikTok.

  1. Cut a 4″ circle out of cardboard and cut five 2″ slits around the circle. Bend the slit in and glue together, creating a rounded hat.
  2. Glue Styrofoam on top and cover it with mesh ribbon.
  3. Glue craft butterflies around it.
  4. Poke floral wire on the top in different lengths and glue butterflies on top.
  5. Decorate with tulle, weaving it through the butterflies.

DIY Top Hat HeadBand

Another idea for crazy hat day is to make your own top hat head band. You can change the colors and patterns and embellishments as you wish. There is no wrong way to do it!

Get the tutorial: DIY Top Hat Headband and Party Hat Headband

Top Hat Headband - DIY Inspired.jpg

Party Top Hat Headband DIY

DIY Popcorn Crazy Hat

My daughter loves popcorn! Here is a fun DIY Popcorn crazy hat you can make out of cotton balls and a highlighter.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Boys and Girls and How to Do It

Yogurt Cup Crazy Hat

Don’t like popcorn? How about a yogurt cup crazy hat!

Crazy Hair Day Yogurt Cup

Unicorn Crazy Hat Headband

Lastly, another fun option is to make a unicorn headband for crazy hat day! Watch the YouTube video on how I made it.



This post was updated and improved from 2015.

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  1. Wow!! Thanks so much for this idea. My preschooler and I will surely try out this hat for our crazy hat day next week! Luckily we have almost everything except hot glue. We will try to manage without it.

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