10 Creative Ways to Use a Torch

Clever Ways to Use a Torch Including 14 Unique Projects

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What are the best torches to use for crafts and DIY projects?

First, let’s review the different types of torches you will find in these 14 projects. There are four torches featured in these tutorials. These Bernzomatic torches are the:

What are the differences?

The Bernzomatic TS4000 & TS8000 are compatible with the MAP-PRO propane tank and are ideal for projects that need high heat. They work fast and efficiently. They are both high intensity torches with a convenient trigger start. The differences are that the Bernzomatic TS4000 has an on or off switch and the Bernzomatic TS8000 generates a much higher temperature and has a valve to control the burn level. Both are great for soldering, brazing, and wood burning.

The Bernzomatic ST2200 is a detail hobby torch and great for craft projects and jewelry making. It is compatible with butane. It is small and light weight. You will see that most of these projects can be done with the ST2200.

The Bernzomatic ST3500 is a multi-use torch that is designed for a variety of basic household needs. The grip handle is ergonomic, which makes it comfortable to hold.

First, let’s watch the video.

Watch Creative Ways to Use a Torch Including 14 Unique Projects Video


10 Creative Ways to Use a Torch

One: Upcycle Plastic

This first idea shows how to make flowers out of recycled milk jug by using your Bernzomatic ST2200 to do two things: 1) to bend and shape the flower petals, and 2) to smooth rough edges. You can use these flowers as gift wrapping embellishments or for party decorations and centerpieces.

Get the full tutorial with video: DIY RECYCLED MILK JUG FLOWERS

Two: Melt Beads

Learn how to make a colorful bead sun catcher by melting pony beads. This is a fun craft for older kids. With parent supervision, kids can create different shapes and designs in many colors and sizes.

Get the full tutorial with video: TORCHED BEAD SUN CATCHER DIY

Three: Make Custom Home Décor Projects

Melting things isn’t the only creative way to use a torch. This idea uses one to burn and patina wood to make your own custom home décor projects. Here are two different tutorials that use this technique. For these I used the Bernzomatic TS8000 with MAP PRO Propane and the Bernzomatic TS4000 with Bernzomatic Propane, respectively.


Four: Seal Plastic

Here is a simple DIY hack to seal and fuse plastic together without having to buy an expensive machine. You can: 1) make your own storage bags in various sizes, 2) use this technique to make party favors, 3) get creative with gift wrapping, or 4) seal homemade candy or cookies.

Get the full tutorial with video: HOW TO SEAL A PLASTIC BAG

Five: Pop Epoxy or Resin Bubbles

If you work with epoxy or resin, you may be familiar with air bubbles that often come up in these craft projects.

DIY Penny Table

Wedding Bouquet Memorial Charms

You can use a torch to pop the air bubbles, leaving your surfaces smooth and bubble free. Here are two great craft projects that you can try.

Get the full tutorials with videos: DIY PENNY TABLE and DIY WEDDING BOUQUET PHOTO CHARMS

Six: Burn Off Alcohol to Create a Design

This project is one of my favorites, and a great one for older kids with adult supervision. When lighting the alcohol ink on fire with your torch and allowing it to burn off, the result is a beautiful.

Alcohol Ink Craft - DIY Inspired

Each piece is one of a kind. You can use this technique for coasters, like the ones in this tutorial, or on larger tile squares to create wall art.

Get the full tutorial with video: DIY ALCOHOL INK COASTERS

Seven: Cut Plastic

You can create a stunning reflective mosaic by upcyling old and unused CDs or DVDs.

How to Easily Cut CDs for Craft Projects

The hardest part of this project is cutting them, however the Bernzomatic ST2200 is quite handy and makes this part a breeze.

Get the full tutorial with video: RESIN MOSAIC TRAY WITH RECYCLED CDS AND DVDS

Eight: Bend Metal Utensils

As an avid trash to treasure Crafter, I am no stranger to upcycling thrift store utensils. A torch makes it easier to bend and shape utensils for jewelry and home décor projects.

DIY Repurposed Spoons

Learn how to bend spoons into hooks in this next clever repurposing idea.

Get the full tutorial with video: DIY REPURPOSED SPOON HOOKS

Nine: Bend Galvanized Metal

One of the great uses of a torch is for softening metal to bend or cut it. For the planter I found, I wanted to change the position of the feet for the purpose of this chandelier and placement of the hanging jars. The Bernzomatic ST2200 was perfect for this.


Get the full tutorial with video: DIY REPURPOSED MASON JAR CHANDELIER

Ten: Make Custom Pieces for a Party

Perhaps the most common ways to use a torch for crafting is to use one to patina unfinished wood to create a stained look. Below are three different projects using this technique.

Safety Tips When Using a Torch

Before trying these projects, make sure to consider the following safety tips.

  1. If you are working outside, make sure it is not too windy.
  2. Do not work near children and pets.
  3. Turn off the torch and disconnect the propane cylinder when not in use.
  4. Never leave the torch unattended.
  5. Make sure the torch in unlit and cool when not in use.
  6. Read and follow the manual and instructions.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of creative ways to use a torch.

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10 Creative Ways to Use a Torch - DIY Inspired

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