DIY Chicken Wire Window Home Décor

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Upcycling Idea: DIY Chicken Wire Window Home Décor

I found this window frame in the after-Christmas clearance section at Michael’s the other day. I scooped it up and bought it for practically nothing. Score! You can also recycle or upcycle and actual window from for this project as well.  I decided to turn it into Valentine’s Day art.  Here is how I made this DIY chicken wire window home décor piece.

You can watch it here first, or scroll done to get the written materials list and instructions:

Time: 30 Minutes



Measure and cut chicken wire to fit your frame and cut it with wire cutters.  Be sure not to cut yourself, because the edges are very sharp.  If possible, wear gloves. Holding the wire taut, carefully staple the chicken wire onto the back of the frame on all four sides. Be sure to trim off any wire that is sticking out.

Print out this free “I Love Us” printable and cut it out. Using a paper cutter is ideal.  I found scrapbook paper that I liked and cut it to the standard letter size, 8.5”X11” and fed it through my printer. I used mini wooden clothes pins to pin the letters on.

You can use this board for any holiday on your mantel, as a memo board in your office, or for craft organization in the craft room.  I did a similar project on a discarded painting frame and made this cool upcycled ribbon storage with it.

I hope you like it!

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