Do It Yourself Wine Charms


4 Way to Make Do It Yourself Wine Charms

Let’s face it, a lot of us are drinking more wine these days. So I thought I’d put together four fast, cheap, and easy ways to make your own do it yourself wine charms.

  1. Last Minute Wine Charms
  2. DIY Glam Skulls
  3. Nautical Wine Cork and Shell Wine Charms
  4. Personalized Mod Podge Paper Charms

Last Minute Scrapbook Paper DIY Wine Charms

This first DIY is a quick and easy way to make your own disposable wine charms. Change up the paper to fit the party colors or theme. In the ones shown below, I used one piece of scrapbook paper from a leftover pad of paper.


  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Circle Punch


  1. Cut out circles using a circle punch. If you don’t have one, simply cut out small 2 inch squares. Make sure each circle looks different.
  2. Next, punch a hole with a hole punch. It doesn’t have to be perfectly centered.
  3. Lastly, cut a small “V” shape towards the center of the hole. Slip them onto wine stem.

Easy Paper Wine Markers

Glam Skull Wine Charms DIY

I made these for Halloween, but honestly, I use them all year round! They are fun, but glamorously creepy! I purchased a bag of the skulls pictured here at Joann craft store.

Get the Full Tutorial Here: Skull Wine Charms

Skull Wine Charms

Recycled Wine Cork Wine Charms

When my daughter first saw these she thought the were earrings! Haha!! Save those wine corks to make these easy beach inspired wine charms for the summer or for a beach house.

Get the Full Tutorial Here: Recycled Cork Wine Charms

Wine Cork Wine Charms

Personalized Mod Podge Paper Wine Charms

One of my best friends is getting married and her family and I are hosting a wine tasting theme party for her for her bridal shower.  For the favors, I decided to give away the wine glass with a personalized wine charm with each guest’s initials.  Making custom-made charms are disposable, easy to make, and is an inexpensive way to personalize a wine tasting party.


This materials list contains Amazon Affiliate links for recommended products.

  • Decorative paper and blank card stock
  • Craft punch in two sizes (I used a 1” diameter circle and a ½”
    diameter circle punch
  • Small hole punch
  • Decoupage medium
  • Paint brush
  • Wire earring hoops
  • Computer (optional)
  • Double sided tape (optional)


  1. Punch out desired amount of 1” circles.
  2. Punch out desired amount of ½” circles.  For this tutorial, I printed and punched guest initials for the front and a personalized message and date for the back.
  3. Use double sided tape or decoupage medium to adhere 1/2” Circles to 1” circles.  I find it easier and less messy to use double sided tape.
  4. Punch small hole in the top of each charm and fasten an earring hoop onto each charm.
  5. Use decoupage medium to seal each side.  Paint two coats on each side, allowing the glue to dry completely in between each coat (approximately 15 minutes).


DIY Paper Wine Charms

Note: When applying the decoupage, the circle will curl, however after two coats are dried on both sides, the charm will flatten.

Tip: If you are making blank charms, skip step three. Then after you paint on your second coat, lay the ½” circle on top of the wet second coat and allow it to dry.


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  1. This is a great idea… I love that they are disposable. I like the idea of keeping the wine charm blank and having the guests write their own initials or name on it.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I would like to make these for my wedding, Can you tell me what tool you used to make the tiny hole for the earring hoops? Also did you use a matte or gloss finish on the decoupage? Thanks again

    1. Hi Megan! Thank you so much. I used a gloss finish for these. I’ve made them for 2 bridal showers and they were a hit. For the small hole, I used a craft punch. You can purchase them at any craft store for about two dollars. This one was small with two sized holes. I have also seen them in variety packs with different shapes. Also check the dollar bins at Michael’s Craft Store. Send me some pictures if you end up doing it! I’d love to post it! Good luck! Dinah

  3. Thanks so much for the reply. I hate to be a pest but I have two more questions. I went to the craft store today and got all of the supplies, except I couldnt fnd the earring hoops. The only ones they had were sterling silver in a 2 pack. That could get pricey. I will try another store this weekend. Where do you normally get your hoops? Also I was just curious what does the Mod Podge do? I bought the glossy as you suggested but I was just curious..can this step be skipped or does it make it more sturdy? Thanks again and sorry to be a pest. I am excited to have fuond your blog and look forward to “borrowing” some other ideas. I will post pictures of my charms when I am all done.

    1. No problem! You’re not a pest AT ALL! The hoops are actually earring findings. Check in the jewelry section. You should get a pack of about 40-50 for about $5ish. The decoupage does make it a little more sturdy. It can be skipped. I added it in case they got wet, or the guests would like to keep them. 🙂 I’m so happy you love the blog!!! Thank you SO much… it means a lot to me!! 🙂

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