Frozen Fever Birthday Party for the Summer

Frozen Fever Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Alas! I am finally sharing this Frozen Fever Birthday Party for the Summer after the few tutorials I have recently shared. My best friend Jenny from Simply Creative Ways got together to decorate for this fabulous party. Let’s get down to business!

When you first walk up to the party, we hung some potted flowers in metal Frozen pails and a couple balloons.

Frozen Fever Party Hanging Flowers

When you walk through the front door, you will see this stair railing where we draped paper sunflower party banners all the way up the staircase.

Frozen fever Party Decorations for Staircase

Walking towards the kitchen, Anna and Elsa great you with a little sign I made that says “Happy Birthday, Lyla!” along with a painted yellow frame and some artificial flowers and a balloon.

Frozen fever Party Decorating Ideas

Frozen fever Party Decorations with Anna and Elsa

On the way outside on the food counter you will see a Frozen poster that I framed along with some potted flowers. The flower in Elsa’s hand was an added touch.

Frozen Fever Party Decor

Frozen Fever Party Flowers - Centerpieces

This is the view when you first walk out to the patio.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas for a Summer Pool Party

We hung colorful lanterns.

Frozen Fever Party Lanterns

We also created blue curtains out of plastic table clothes.

Frozen Fever Plastic Table Cloth Curtains for a Party

Frozen Fever Plastic Table Cloth Curtains DIY

We tied each curtain back with ribbon and a flower.

Frozen Fever Plastic Table Cloth Curtains

Here are some pictures of the patio seating.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas

Frozen Fever Summer Birthday Party

We scattered fresh potted flowers and little signs I made and personalized with the birthday girl’s name.

Frozen Fever Party Flowers with Olaf

Frozen Fever Party Flowers with Picture

We even bought some plush toys to double as props and as a gift after the party.

Frozen Fever Party Dolls -Sven Centerpiece

Frozen Fever Party Dolls as Decor

We also hung another framed poster as well as another vase of artificial flowers.

Frozen Fever Party Decor for Summer Party

Frozen Fever Party Decor -Framed Poster

Frozen fever Party Decorations DIY

In between the plastic curtains we draped the fabric bunting I made, along with some large craft flowers.

Frozen Fever Bunting

Frozen Fever Bunting for a Party

We also placed some centerpieces on the patio furniture by the pool as well as the tables.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas for Summer

Frozen Fever Party Flowers for Patio

Frozen Fever Party Flower Centerpieces

On the other side of the pool, we hung sunflower garland and dark blue, light blue, and purple lanterns and balloons.

Frozen Fever Party Sunflower Garland

Frozen Fever Sunflower Garland Party Decoration

Frozen Fever Sunflower Garland with Lanterns

We also set up a blow up pool by the bounce house where the children can build an Olaf sandman with kenetic sand. We even had stick arms, rock buttons and eyes, and orange clay noses for them to use.

Do You Want To Build a Sandman Party Game

Do You Want To Build a Sandman Sandbox

Do You Want To Build a Sandman

The hosts had sunflower and snowflake cupcakes made.

Frozen fever Cupcakes with Snowflakes

Frozen Fever Cupcakes with Sunflowers

They also stuffed a goodie bag of favors I made as a thank you for all the guests.

Frozen Fever Party Favor Bags

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Frozen Fever Birthday Party for the Summer


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  1. Wonderful Dianh,
    From all the pictures that you took I think showing your decoration talent I bet your client was Very Very Happy.
    Great use of colors and theme.
    Thanks for sharing on G+, I will reshare this for sure
    Happy 4th to you and your family.
    Greg Hill

  2. How did you make the curtains? Looking to do this for our back patio for my daughters at home prom for her and her boyfriend

    1. Hi Kerri! They are plastic table clothes from the 99 Cent Store! I folded over the top and then stapled and pined them to the wood. You can use tacks or even nails or tape, depending on the surface.

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