How to Remove Tough Pet Stains

How to Remove Tough Pet Stains Using Natural Ingredients

This may be my most embarrassing article yet and much different than my typical DIY tips and tricks article. I have been a dog owner for over 25 years.  My first dog, Tiny, lived for 17 years and now I have two dogs, Pablo the Chihuahua and Harley the Pug.  In these 25 years, I have moved 15 times.  Yep… 15!  With the constant changing environment, my little buddies get confused.  Needless to say, there have been several accidents.  I HAD to share this how-to because after over a decade of purchasing every carpet stain remover out there, I finally found out how to remove tough pet stains. ()

Now I don’t know why it took me 25 years to figure it out because it is SO simple!  Here is what you’ll need:

That’s it!!! I know, right???

I decided to spare you the step by step photo tutorial because, well, that’s just disgusting.  I can, however show you a less disgusting before and after photo:


Notice that I didn’t even bother to put the fancy font or the watermark… still so embarrassing…

Anyway, if the stain is still wet blot the spot as dry as possible with a clean cloth or towel.  Next, put white vinegar is a spray bottle, and completely saturate the stain.  If the spot is new, leave the vinegar on for a few minutes and then blot it with a clean towel.  If the stain is old, leave the vinegar for an hour or two.  If the stain is really bad and even brown in color, skip the spray bottle and pour the vinegar directly on the stain soaking it completely and leave on for several hours before blotting dry.

Once you have blotted the stain with a clean cloth or towel, allow it to dry.  Once it is dry, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and vacuum it.  The baking soda will get rid of the smell!

Tah-dah… an all-natural how-to on how to remove pet stains!

Phew!  Glad that’s over…

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  1. These are some great tips Diana! Considering I normally have 4 cats and a dog running around the house I always need to clean something. This carpet sounds like a winner! I say normally because I have 4 more little kittens that I need to find homes for. Yes you added right that’s 8 cats and a dog. I have to find homes soon. I really don’t want to be that “Old Cat Lady”. lol.

    Thanks for a chance to win something I’d really love to have and need.
    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

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