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Free Printable Spell Book Pages Halloween Prop

I needed a spell book to use as a prop for Halloween this year. I could have bought one, but they start at about $40.00. Yikes… you KNOW how cheap I am! So instead, I decided to design my own spell book pages, and then use an existing book I had to insert the pages, and viola… instant (and free) Halloween prop.

Once I made them I thought, why not make them free for my readers? So here it is!

Here is a photo of the Trunk or Treat segment I did on KTLA News. I used the spell book page for a Harry Potter themed trunk. What do you think? More ideas on this later…

There are two very simple pages with two spells, a truth spell, and a commitment spell, that I designed. I took part of the excerpts from SpellsOfMagic.com.


Truth Spell

Purification I do conjure

So that thoughts be spoke,

No be pondered.

Passion so red,

Set to the fire,

Let the truth be said,

As is my desire.

Commitment Spell

To my lover, dearest he/she

Bound together I wish to be

Eternal love and health I seek

Our future bright and never bleak

Get the Free Printable

I have the printable available in the size pictured here (8” X 10.5”). However, I also realized that you made need a different size to fit the book you want to use. So I am also making each image available so that you can resize and print them on your own. Get them here:

Tips for Creating a Spell Book Halloween Prop

Once you have printed and cut out the pages in the correct size, I have a few tips to execute it properly.

  1. Print it out on regular printer paper.
  2. The pages will be stiff when you first print them. Roll the pages back vertically so that they will lay down in your book naturally.
  3. Tape the two pages together in the back to avoid falling out of the book or popping out of the crease.
  4. Lay them in an open book opened at the center.


More Halloween Decorating Tips

I am using this for a wizard inspired theme, AKA Harry Potter. I want it to look like a Wizard’s chamber or office. So I will place it on an old podium (you can also use a plant stand too) with a wand laying across the top. I’m also decorating with:

  • Stacks of old books
  • All sizes of potion bottles
  • Skulls
  • Glass domes
  • Fake Halloween Bones
  • Black raven
  • Black bird cage
  • Jars filled with spooky “ingredients”
  • Dark red and black material/fabric

I hope you can use this!

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