Star Wars Theme Inspired Party Printables

Free Printable Star Wars Theme Party Food, Party Favor, and Water Bottle Labels

I made thee printables for a friend’s party not long ago and thought I’d go ahead and make them available here on DIY Inspired for free. I mean, why not? So much work was put into them, the least I can do is share the love. So, if you are having a Star Wars theme for a party any time soon, this post is for you! Plus, I have some budget friendly party decorating tips to share as well. Let’s start with the free printables.

These printables are great for any Star Wars inspired party and can be used for food labels, snack bags, party favors, and water bottle labels.

You can get the free printables here: Star Wars Theme Inspired Party Printables

I suggest printing them on card stock, but regular paper works fine too.

Food and Favor Labels

Different types of food can be used for these. These labels can be used for food labels by folding them or stapling/taping them to 4-inch-wide party favor bags.

Here are some ideas.

  • Ewoks – Any teddy bear cookie or cracker, gummy bears
  • Han’s Rolos – Rolo chocolates
  • Leia’s Buns – Donut holes, cupcakes, muffins, rolls
  • Lightsabers – Veggie sticks, string cheese, licorice, pixy sticks, pretzel rods, or fruit on skewers. You can also put glow sticks in a bag and use them as party favors or use them as a label for paper drink straws.
  • Wookie Cookies – Any type of cookie. Get extra bonus points by adding candy eyeballs to them.
  • May the Force Be with You – Anything! These can also be used as thank you tags for party favor bags.

Water Bottles

These water bottle labels are ideal for small 8 oz. water bottles but can also be used for regular sized bottles. Simply print, cut, and tape around the bottle.

In case you missed them, I also made matching light saber snack holders you can get here: Printable Lightsaber Inspired Snack Holders. These are also cute for a party or even for everyday packed school lunches.

More Budget Friendly Star Wars Party Decorating Tips

Besides printing some free party labels, you can also use these tips for your Star Wars theme.

  1. Black table cloths or blankets work well for this theme.
  2. Use the kid’s toys like light sabers, ships and vehicles, Lego sets, and figures as party props to decorate the food table or countertops.
  3. Red, black, silver, or gold containers or platters from Christmas or Valentine’s Day can come in handy.
  4. Dig out any old Star Wars Halloween costumes and props to help decorate.
  5. Use Christmas twinkle lights to look like stars.
  6. If you have balloons, use Star Wars Lego people and hang them from the strings.
  7. Make your own pool noodle light sabers.

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Lastly, I’ll leave you with a video of my daughter’s emoji party from a couple years ago.

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