How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

4 Ways  to Make You Own Tissue Paper Flowers for Party Decor

Remember making tissue paper flowers in grade school?  If we made them then we can make them now!  These are SO easy and can be used for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, or any occasion. You can also make flower bouquets.


Traditional Tissue Paper Flowers

Materials Needed:

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These instructions are from with my twist.

1. Place eight to 12 full sheets of tissue paper onto a clean work surface. Make sure they are evenly stacked, one on top of another. 

2. Fold the sheets accordion or fan style from one short end to the other. The folds should be approximately 1-1/2 inches wide. Be sure to keep the folds even. Use a craft stick to smooth the folds down for a crisp edge. 

3. Securely wrap a piece of wire or use ribbon or string around the center of the folded strip.

4. Hold the center of the folded tissue in one hand while wrapping one “leg” of the wire around the opposite leg. Firmly twist the wire legs or ends until they are pinched tightly against the paper center. Twist several more times.

5. Cut the end of each sides of the folded paper with straight or decorative-edge scissors. Cut a round or pointed shape to the ends of the paper to make petal edging.

6. Carefully separate the layers of paper by pulling apart the outer edges near the center. Continue to pull the thin sheets apart to loosen and shape the pompom petals. Repeat with the other side of the pompom.

Napkin Tissue Paper Flowers

You can also use the same technique and make paper flowers out of napkins. This uses the same technique as above.


  • 9 Cocktail Napkins
  • String
  • Scissors


  1. Open up each napkin and lay them on top of one another.
  2. Make an accordion fold. Pictured below are cocktail napkins with about 15 folds.
  3. Tie the center with a string or ribbon.
  4. Fluff out each layer, folding the ends down.

Napkin Tissue Paper Flowers


Make Mini Tissue Paper Flowers

Check out my tutorial for mini tissue paper flowers. You can make an entire bouquet.

Small Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

Bonus Paper Flower Tutorial: Hanging Paper Flowers

Lastly, there are some elegant Hanging Paper Flowers from Martha Stewart. They make whimsical and colorful decorations for any shower or birthday party, or even a DIY wedding idea.

  1. Fold the bottom of a bag in on itself. Cut above the lower fold, removing the bag’s bottom. Trim the top into a petal shape.
  2. Punch a hole about 1/4 inch from the bottom. Repeat process with five more bags. Apply double-sided tape to the front edges of a bag. Place another bag on top, and repeat to stack all of the bags. Draw a length of string through the hole in the stack; knot it loosely.
  3. Pull the top and bottom bags around to form a flower shape and join the end petals with double-sided tape.
  4. Suspend your completed paper bag flowers by string.

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  1. Thanks for the instructions. These were pretty easy to make. Just need some strong scissors to cut through all the layers of paper. I’m making these for my baby shower!

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