12 Day Magic Elf Kit

How to Use the 12 Day Magic Elf Kit

Let’s face it.  Undoubtedly, the elf holiday tradition is exciting and fun…at first. After a few years, this fun holiday tradition may be stressful for some. Coming up with ideas can be exhausting.

This 12 Day Elf Kit is designed:

  • To help busy parents
  • To use with one or more elves
  • With professionally printed premium paper


12 Day Magic Elf Kit
Some items may be different than pictured, but all are magical!

Basic Instructions for all 12 Day Elf Kit

  1. For Day 1 use the Arrival Letter, easel, and Suitcase
  2. Move the Elf, and pick any bag or prop out of the box in any order.
  3. Place the card on the easel, if applicable, and prop near the elf(ves).
  4. On the last day, use the Departure Letter, easel and Suitcase.

Note: The only day you may need to plan is Movie Night!

Contents of the 12 Day Elf Kit

Some items may be slightly different, but equally as magical!

  1. Welcome letter with free ideas.
  2. Mini Wooden Easel to use to hold each sign.
  3. “On Strike” Sign
  4. 2 Naughty or Nice Elf Reports
  5. “Game Time” sign to use with each game prop.
  6. “Let’s Play” sign to use with games or toy props.
  7. Arrival Letter
  8. Elf-Opoly Holiday Board Game or Scavenger Hunt Holiday Board Game
  9. Magnifying Glass and Sign
  10. Every Elf Poops Book and Sign
  11. Mini Fidget Toy and Sign
  12. I See London/Underpants Joke and Sign
  13. Q-Tip Snowflakes
  14. Mini Playing Cards
  15. Donate Unwanted Toys Poem
  16. Snow Bowling
  17. Movie Night
  18. Departure Letter
  19. Mini Vintage Suitcase for Arrival and/or Departure


12 Day Kit Instructional Video

In this video you will learn:

  • How to use each item.
  • How to use each item if you have two elves.
  • Ideas for multiple use props.

Some items in this video may be different. This video will give you an idea of ways to use your props.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a 12 Day, 24 day, or 31 Day Elf Kit in DIY Inspired’s Etsy Shop!

Deluxe Elf Prop Kits

Several deluxe elf prop kits available as well. Browse our Etsy shop where you will find unique elf kits like:

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  • Deluxe Movie Night
  • Elf Rocking Chair with Books
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