Easy Halloween Tree

This Halloween tree came to fruition when I was trimming some branches in my back yard.  Of course, it’s always hard for me to throw anything away, so when I second guessed myself about these branches I thought they were eerie enough to make a simple Halloween Tree for my decorations this year.  This is the perfect project to do with your kids.  The possibilities are endless.  Consider decorating it with homemade Halloween ornaments, bats, bugs, or cob webs.

I brought them inside, rinsed them (in case there were any unwanted bugs) and let them dry outside in the sun.

Next, I spray painted them with a flat black paint.

I filled a glass vase with some moss I had tucked away from my Halloween decorations last year.

Next, I added cob webs.  What’s a Halloween tree without cob webs?  The trick for a realistic look is to use a small amount and stretch them as much as possible.

I added some glittered bugs I made as well.  For me, the simpler the better 🙂

OK, so it was REALLY hard to take pictures because of the white cob webs.  I seriously NEED to take a photography class.  I swear it looks better in person! Here is a picture without the flash.

Here is a picture of my Halloween tree with the flash.

This is a SUPER quick and easy and CHEAP Halloween craft project that nicely filled an otherwise empty and non-creepy space!


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