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My daughter and I were lucky enough to review today’s sponsor, Crafter’s Crate. Crafter’s Crate provides DIY crafts and supplies to give an easy way for moms and daughters to connect.  Our Celebrate America box arrived in the mail and we couldn’t wait to get started. One of our favorites was the Fire Cracker Paper Necklace Craft.

Here is the box when it arrived.



We opened it up to find four fun Patriotic Crafts to do together. The crafts are for girls ages 5-10, but each kit comes with 4-5 crafts that have different levels of difficulty.



Our box came with four festive crafts for the Fourth of July. Each kit seeks to teach girls new skills and show them potential new interests through a wide variety of fun crafts.  It’s a great way for moms and daughters to connect while learning something new – or teaching each other something new.



We started with the fire cracker paper necklace craft which came with everything you need.



We followed the directions as shown. Mia is almost 4, but she was able to help too.



We made little star bursts that were just adorable with a little gem.



I added a hole with a punch and strung it with the yarn they provided.



Mia and I had so much fun making the necklaces. I think I am going to do the other three crafts with my best friend’s daughter who is a little older. I would definitely recommend it and can’t wait to do the rest with her.

Crafter’s Crate is a company headed up by a group of moms that not only think of the ideas for the crates, but they also assemble each crate.  The company’s business model is a monthly subscription and includes referral bonuses for friends.  The monthly boxes include themed kits intended to allow girls to find new interests and hobbies.  Each crate provides colorful visual instruction so girls can easily construct the craft but also add some of their own creativity.  For more information on Crafter’s Crate and subscription options, check out the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube channel and website!

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