Counting Kids Activity for Preschool Printable


I am honored that Counting Kids Activity for Preschool is sponsored by Nine Lives Products, the only glue made from recycled materials.

Mia has been able to count for quite a while, that is, from memory. Now that she is in preschool she is finally grasping how to count items correctly and with accuracy and not just from memory. I decided to make this printable for her to help her reinforce what she is learning in preschool.

You can download the free printable here:

Counting Kids Activity for Preschool Printable

Along with the printable you will also need:

  • Scrap paper
  • Craft punch or scissors
  • Glue

Mia is at the age where she loves gluing things! We used a Recycled School Glue which is made from plant based ingredients and is the only glue made from recycled materials. Ranging from school projects, to home repair, to arts/crafts and scrapbooking, this Non-porous, Paste, and School Glues does it all, all while saving the environment with every use! AND it smells like oranges!



I punched out little flowers in different colors from the paper scrap bin I keep in the craft room. One by one, Mia glued the amount flowers next to the corresponding number onto the grid.



This helps her see the numbers and number of objects, allowing her to conceptualize each digit.



She glued one through five and then we took a break and she finished the rest of the grid later in the day. I was so proud of her for completing it, and now with the printable I created, she can practice over and over again!



Thank you so much to Nine Lives Products for sponsoring this post! Be sure to stop by and check out all their other products!

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