How to Create an Inspiring Outdoor Space

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Pool Lounge Area

The first thing I think about when I want to create an inspiring outdoor space is well maintained shrubs, lush greenery, and colorful blooms.  Every outdoor living area can be enhanced with healthy and long lasting Monrovia plants. I thought I’d put together some tips for how to create an inspiring outdoor space.

Tip #1: Shop for the best.

We spend a lot of time in our backyard as well as our pool area. These areas are surrounded by colorful flowers and healthy shrubs. You can shop Monrovia for plants that will work for your climate and zip code. There you will also find free gardening tips that are specific to the plants you choose.

Pink and Yellow Roses

Outdoor Space - Shrubs

Pink and White Flowers

Tip #2: Ask for help.

Visit your local garden center or a Lowes near you to shop for Monrovia plants. Just look for the green Monrovia pots and tags. That’s what I did! Then, track down one of the garden experts to help you choose the best plants to achieve the look and feel what you want for your outdoor space.

Monrovia Flowers

Monrovia Shrubs

Tip #3: Use fresh cut flowers.

Here in So Cal, I have to constantly prune my rose bushes. I have over two dozen! So, I like to put roses in vases and place them around the pool when we entertain. If you need tips on pruning roses I wrote a post on basic tips for watering and pruning roses.

Pink Roses

Light Pink Roses

Fresh Picked Roses

Tip #4: Create a cozy space with outdoor pillows.

Pillows are not only a great way to add style and color, but they are comfortable. I place blue and green pillows on all the chairs any time we have people over or even if it’s just our little family of four out for a swim.

Fresh Cut Flower Arrangements

Outdoor Space-Pool Lounge Chairs

Outdoor Space - Pool Seating Area

Tip #5: Accent with rugs and side tables.

Bring the indoors out with weather friendly accent tables and rugs.

How to Create an Inspiring Outdoor Space

How to Create an Inspiring Outdoor Space - DIY Inspired

Fresh Picked Roses in a Mason Jar

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Tips for How To Create an Inspiring Outdoor Space -DIY Inspired

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  1. Wish I was there. Steph and I went to Lowes today before I saw this. I bought some Monrovia flowers!!!!

  2. The stonecop perennials are my absolute favorites..Your blooms are gorgeous and the really add lots of color to your pool area.

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