Headband Halloween Craft for Kids


Headband Halloween Craft For Kids

One of the best parts of blogging is meeting and networking with people. Today I want to share a Halloween craft for kids from a friend I met on Twitter. Bee has always been such an amazing support for me and my projects and when I saw this fun craft she did with her granddaughters I just had to share it. Bee and her granddaughters do a fun Halloween project every year. She gets all the items at the dollar store. For this creepy crawly headband project she spent about $5 for 3 little girl headbands.

Time: 10-15 Minutes



Head bands and plastic Halloween spiders can be found at the dollar store or in dollar bins at big retail stores.

Dollar Bin Headband Halloween Kids Craft

Using scissors cut the plastic ring off of the bug.

Headband Halloween Kids Craft

Cheap Halloween Kids Craft

Hot glue the plastic piece to the headband.

Spider Headband Halloween Kids Craft

Bee said, “It is fun for us and inexpensive to make. I don’t let her use the hot glue gun…I put the glue on and let her carefully place the spiders. My younger granddaughter is 5 and I let her point to where she wants the spider and I put it on. The glue is way too hot for children to use.”

Halloween Kids Craft

Work your way around the headband until it is covered. Here is the AFTER!

Headband Halloween Craft For Kids - DIY Inspired

About Bee Sturgis

Bee is a licensed artist. She spends most of her time designing artwork for the manufacturing industry. You can find her at Jewel Branding as well as see her creations at www.beesturgis.com.

Thank you, Bee for allowing me to share this fun Halloween craft for kids!


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