Craft Closet Makeover

Art Supply and Craft Closet Makeover with IKEA

I am a Brand Ambassador for IKEA US. This is a sponsored post.

In our home, we have a craft/office space for doing projects, homework, and storing art and craft supplies.  The kids and I spend so much time in this room and the closet has become a big unorganized mess. I wanted to give this open closet a makeover and turn it into a functional and beautiful storage area for the kid’s school and craft supplies. Unlike a traditional closet space, my hope was that it would be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. I think I succeeded!

My Craft Closet Before

Here is a photo of the closet before the makeover. It was stuffed with no organization what so ever.

The previous owners had built-ins, however the shelfs were mismatched with different sizes and made from different types of woods. It was useful, but let’s be honest, ugly. The worst part was that there were no doors, so this unsightly mess was something I would see every time I walked into my craft room.

The rest of my craft room is beautiful and organized. Here is a photo with my craft table and storage cubes from IKEA that I have had for years. This is what is on the other side of the closet.

I knew that I wanted the closet to match so after doing some measurements I ended up choosing these pieces from IKEA:

Clearing and Prepping My Closet

First, I cleared out the entire closet. I broke down the old shelves and bookends. Some of it was tough but I took a mallet to it, and I’m not going to lie, it was great pounding them all out. Next, once the built ins were out, I decided to paint the inside of the closet to match the walls of the rest of the room.

Doesn’t it look so much better already?

I followed the assembly directions to my pieces and placed them inside the closet with the six compartment HÄLLAN storage on the left, the KALLAX shelf unit with GNABBAS baskets on the left with the EKBY ALEX / EKBY VALTER shelf with drawers above.

The HÄLLAN storage is perfect because it hides all my supplies including my daughter’s art and school supplies. Plus, it’s metal so I can place my magnetic containers on the front for easy access. I chose this piece because it is the perfect height for my closet and the depth was large enough to hold my craft storage bins.

The KALLAX shelf unit in high gloss gray-turquoise is to die for! It is shiny and adds the perfect pop of color. Inside the bins I can easily access party supplies, staging items, and my camera and photography supplies.

Having drawers in the EKBY ALEX shelves is great for our stencils and craft paper. The shelves hold up to 20 pounds so used light weight clear containers for things like ribbon, glue, and adhesives.

I also organized my scissors with an old jewelry holder I had.

Here is a before and after.

What a difference!

Here are more photos. I think it turned out great. Now, instead of cringing every time I enter the craft room, I get excited to and feel lucky to have such a functional and beautiful space.

I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.

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