That’s right… “glamping”… glamorous camping.  It’s when we get inspired by the great outdoors, and make it more convenient, less icky, and pretty.   I think I may have first heard on an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County (don’t make fun of me).   I also like to call it, “Woodland Chic”.  When I initially think woodland feel in a home, I think of screened windows, wood paneling, and hardwood or premium laminate flooring, neutral walls and rich accents.  Oh glamping is much more than that!  You can choose to bring the outdoors in or the indoors out!

Ever since we moved into our home now, I always thought it’d be great to throw a camping themed party since we have a decent sized back yard (for Southern California anyway).  Have all the families, kids and all, bring their tents and stay as long as the kids would allow… All night if possible! We could set up an outdoor screen and project a great movie and eat popcorn and A LOT of candy.  The beauty of glamping is that I could also run inside and serve ice cream with all the toppings on a hot summer night.  Then, I can run back in and throw everything in the dishwasher!

This is one of my most favorite examples of glamping.  It was designed by Kelly Moore.

Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite sites featured tent bedrooms.  This particular bedroom is my favorite.  This is what I would picture if I was throwing a glamping party inside the house.

Don’t have a fireplace?  I’d serve indoor smores.   I’d also make sure it was casual and cozy with plenty of seating (both on and off the floor).  I’d create a place to gather and relax centered around a hearth or fireplace.  I’d look for rustic salvaged materials and scatter flea market finds to help create an ambiance.

Are you a glamper or a camper?

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