The Easiest Way to Spray Paint Knobs

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DIY Helpful Hack for Upcycling Furniture: The Easiest Way to Spray Paint Knobs

As I have been making over my craft room the past several days, my mom (who was visiting me) kept saying, “I would have never thought of that” about a few time/budget saving things I have done here and there. For example, I almost bought new switchplates but instead I used some leftover fabric I had to save money. I also decided to paint my existing drawer knobs instead of finding new ones to match. So today I want to share the easiest way to spray paint knobs in case you take on a similar upcycling project.

Time: 10 Minutes (not including dry time)


Watch the video tutorial:


Remove the old knobs from the drawers and make sure the screw is screwed back onto each knob.  Cut slits in the bottom of a shoebox. One slit for each knob. Insert the knobs, screw side down, into each slit. Make sure each knob is straight up and down. Place the shoebox with the knobs into a large carboard box. Spray paint the knobs outside or in a well-ventilated area. Spray two light coats versus one heavy coat to avoid drips.

I have to admit, before I thought of this I have painted knobs laying on their side, spray painting, waiting for them to dry, then turning them over to paint the other side. Then, doing it all over again for the next coat.  With this method, you get them all done as once without even having to touch them in between!

Here are a couple before and after photos.

I hope you found this useful!

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  1. With the new sink I was going to buy New knobs for the cabinets-then I remembered this post-thanks to you I will be painting the existing ones and saving money !

  2. Can you please tell me the brand and color paint you used? You did a beautiful job! Thank you!

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