Craft Room Tour Makeover Reveal

I’m finally finished! I’ve showed you the painting process, the stools I upcycled, and shared the fabric covered switchplate tutorial.  Today I get to share the “big reveal” and give you my craft room tour.  It is SO much better than before.

Here is a video I made. You can see the before, during and after:

If you are not into videos, here are some pictures.  I ended up painting in two different hues of gray plus I added a chalkboard accent wall. I loved the way it turned out. I was worried that the black would be too much in a space that already suffers from the lack of natural light, but I love it.


I used the fabric from the stools I made over as inspiration and also used it to cover the outlets and light switches. I also removed the maps from the drawers I had covered years ago. I decided on keeping them plain and just spray painting the knobs gold.

I discarded the old cardboard red and blue storage boxes.  Although they lasted be a few years they were falling apart so I added sturdier baskets instead. The look much better.  After all, the old boxes didn’t match my upcycled stools.

I also added more gold accents with this circle shelving unit I bought at Target and spray painted my old white curb side pick up frame in metallic gold.  It looks great up against the black chalkboard wall. On the shelves I placed a small glass apothecary jar filled with chalk for the accent wall as well as displayed the little dog tape dispenser that my daughter got me this year for my birthday.

Lastly, I removed that old computer desk, and put a coral pedestal table I painted in the corner. I will use this table top mostly for doing work on my laptop.

I hope you like it!!

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  1. The room looks completely different than the before pictures. It is very professionally done and the color scheme is awesome! I love the use of the see through chair and two-tone baskets. You are an inspiration!

  2. I would love to make a craft table like the one in your pictures, can you tell me what pieces you used from IKEA? Or where you bought it?

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