How to Paint a Chalkboard Wall


I decided to add a chalkboard accent wall when I made over my craft room.  I’m so glad I did, because I don’t think the room would have turned out as nicely without it. It was actually pretty easy to do. The hardest part was waiting for it to dry.  Here’s how to paint a chalkboard wall.

Time: Weekend Project


Preparing the Work Area

Be sure to cover the work area with a tarp.  Some paint may splatter and you do not want black specks on your carpet or floor.  Use Painter’s tape to tape off the area. Use a credit card (or something similar) to smooth down the painter’s tape to avoid bleeding. Make sure you stir the paint well. Consider priming the surface before-hand, especially if you are painting on bare wood. Check out my painting process for the rest of the room.

Watch the video tutorial:


Once the Painter’s tape is up, use a good quality synthetic brush to paint the edges.  Next, use a paint roller to paint the rest of surface.  Paint a light coat.  Wait four hours before painting the second coat. Once you are finished painting, wait three days before you use the chalkboard.  I used an acrylic latex sealant around the trim for a finished look.

After three days, use the side of a piece of chalk to condition the wall. Then, erase the chalk. The chalkboard is ready to use!

Here are a few pictures in my craft room.

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