Halloween Party Inspiration

This is the 7th annual Halloween party for some friends of ours (Aka, Anthony and Cleopatra) and I must say that they do have this Halloween thing down!  It may be a little late to share some of the party decorations and ideas for Halloween this year, but maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for next year!

Their home is located in the beautiful hills of La Habra Heights in Southern California.  We parked the car on a steep slope as close to the house as possible and walked towards the purple and orange lights to a large driveway and grand entrance. We had to stop to put on our headless zombie costumes once we reached a flat surface.  We were greeted by Daphne from Scooby Doo and walked through the arched doorway to find a Halloween mecca to say the least.

To my immediate left was a grand staircase littered with scary pictures and orange lights.  Just below a Halloween village complete with a skull carousel and countless pumpkins.  We turned into the living room where I met a witch, her pirate husband, and their two young goblins.  It looked amazing in there.  Above is a picture of the fireplace.

We went through the doors outside to the patio.  The city view was breath taking.  Take a look at the detail in these photos.  The hosts created a great balance and inter-mixed Halloween decorations with their existing décor like candle sticks, mirrors, and lanterns.  I love the use of fabrics and ornate furniture and rugs.  The theme was Harry Potter for the kids, which included a scavenger hunt, a cookie decorating station, and a spooky castle bounce house.

Dressed as a headless zombie complete with make-up, I failed to think of how frightening I must look to over fifty 3-9 year olds!  I had to make peace with the handful that came up to me with their parents to ensure that I was in fact a fake zombie. Several of them kept their distance but it felt good to get the thumbs up gory costume approval from the parents.

Here are a few more pictures of the inside include one of three food tables.  There was a lot of detail in the food as well including shortbread fingers, sutured ham and cream cheese celery sticks, and black cat deviled eggs.

We had a great time and stayed late (it was tough to leave the margarita machine)… but I can’t help but think about what I’m going to be for Halloween next year???


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