Repurposed Baby Wipe Containers

Repurposed Baby Wipe Containers, Written By Loren Crane of Pandora’s Craft Box


If you have little kiddos then you might have a collection of baby wipe containers. I know I do and I can’t seem to be able to throw them out. I might have a problem.  Now that I have the baby wipe containers I really wanted to find something cleaver to do with them and I ended up repurposing them into a yarn holder.

I found that I was having a big problem keeping my yarn from rolling all over the floor when I was crochet also from getting dog hair in the yarn. You know what I am talking about if you have pets in your home.

I went  ahead and painted one container white and spray painted the other gold.


I have to say I did love the gold container!


I wanted to try something different with the other one. Once I painted it white and while it was still wet I added gold glitter all around.


I really loved how both baby wipe containers turned out and now I can keep my yarn in one place and clean. I can even take them with me in my baby diaper bag and crochet on the go and no one will ever know. Or you can also just replace the wipes and have a stylish baby wipe container.

Look for similar containers at Goodwill and Salvation Army or another local thrift store as well.



Stay Crafty,


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