Spirit Shirt Makeover for Mom

Drab to Fab: Spirit Shirt Makeover for Mom

One of my best friends has two little boys that play sports. One of the team mascots are green dragons. Of course, the spirited mom that she is, she ordered one of the “Dragon Mama” shirts to support her son and wear to his games. Unfortunately, it was a boxy men’s shirt, and it needed a spirit shirt makeover.

I mean, take a look at this shirt… not cute! It needed a little oomph.




First, I cut the shirt in three ways, at the bottom…



… At the neck for an off the shoulder look…



…and at the arms.



Next, I cut some holes at the shoulders to add ribbon. I tied it into little bows.



I used fray check to seal the ends.



I also used fabric fusion at the knot. I’m hoping that this will allow her to wash it and the bows will still stay in place.



It looked cute (well, cuter) as is but I couldn’t help myself and added some rhinestones for the eyes. I used a jewel glue again, in hopes that this will allow her to be able to wash it.



Here is another after photo.  I think it looks much better! I attempted to take a selfie of myself in it, but it wasn’t working! My friend tried it on and it looks great. Hopefully she’ll inspire the other moms on the team to makeover their shirts too!


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