Antique Chair Update

My taste is very eclectic.  There are several reasons why I can appreciate so many different styles.  I inherited this antique corner chair.  When I first got it, my mind went racing with different colors and upholsteries. BUT after some research, I found out that this chair may actually be worth something.  I didn’t want to jeopardize its integrity by permanently altering it…just in case. I liked the chair, but I wanted to update it a little.   So when I came across Simply Spray fabric paint.  I knew what to do for this antique chair update.

I used lettered stencils and numbered stickers for my design.  (By the way, the year I chose was COMPLETELY random). After ironing my fabric, I taped the lettered stencils onto the fabric with craft tape.  For the numbers, I used the outline of each sticker versus the actual number for stenciling purposes.  THIS WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER! It made spray painting SO easy.

Next, I taped off the rest of the fabric that I did not want spray painted.

In a well-ventilated area I followed the directions on the Simply Spray paint can, and sprayed one coat of paint.

Next, because I was using stencils, I dabbed the top with a paper towel.

When my paint was dry, I used a staple gun to attach my newly painted fabric onto the seat.  I kept the original upholstery so I did not ruin the chair.  I loved how it turned out.  Here are some after pictures.


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  1. I have a bench at the foot of my bed that I like the reupholster to match our master bedroom suite. Currently it is a solid navy blue with button seams. I’m thinking it could use a little color and Simply Spray would be perfect!

  2. Follow both pages on FB. I would love to use Simply Spray on a toddler sized bench for my daughter. I was trying to make her something her size so she can sit easier. This would be perfect and I think the uses are endless!

  3. I’d use it on fabric boards for my girls room and maybe some pillows. There are so many possiblity my mind is going crazy! I think I would want Black.

  4. I would like to enter this Giveaway!! I have some pillows that I would like to make new covers for and the paint will be used to create designs. The colors I would like are: green, yellow, white, black, red and blue. Is that too many? 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. New fan for both sites. Unfortunately the website won’t open so I can see the color options. I’m really not sure what colors & what exactly I might do. Always good to have some handy though for when I come up with an idea. Black, Purple, Pink & White are always good colors though

  6. I would love to try this on my love seat, chair & otterman. I want to win the cranberry, sunset gold & hunter green.

  7. I’ve just discovered your blog and Simply Spray Fabric Paint. I would love to paint a foot stool if I win. This stuff looks amazing!

  8. Wow this is amazing. I’d love to make some Christmas and Birthday gifts for my friends. I’ll probablly do pillows, a rug, and something special for my mom. My dorm room could be so colorful…. Brite Orange, Caribbean Blue, and White!

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