Repurposed Cabinet Turned Jewelry Organizer

Repurposed Cabinet Door Turned Jewelry Organizer Display

Years ago, I saw a pin on Pinterest for this amazing trash to treasure idea for a jewelry organizer made by Liz Marie on her blog Liz Marie Blog. She did such an amazing job that I pinned it right away and tucked it away in my mind to do for a later date. I think it’s been months now and I finally got around to attempting it.  SOOOO, here is my version of a Repurposed Cabinet Turned Jewelry Organizer. Oh! And a HUGE thank you to Liz Marie for the inspiration.

Note: I decided to update this post! This project was done back in January of 2014, years ago. I still have this and officially passed it down to my daughter. It is very sturdy and I imagine keeping it for a long time!

Time: 45 Minutes


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How to Make It

I decided to go to Habitat for Humanity Restore, one of my favorite places to buy the cabinet door. They have the best selection there at low prices.

Repurposed Cabinet Door Turned Jewelry Organizer Display

A nice wide door or shelf is perfect for repurposingKnobs and pulls can be found at secondhand stores as well, but didn’t find what I wanted so I ventured to Home Depot to get these.

Repurposed Cabinet Door Turned Jewelry Organizer Display


I had some left over spray paint from the thrift store shelf makeover I had done a while back. The color was perfect for me so I used what I had left for this jewelry organizer. Two light coats worked well and I allowed it to dry completely in between each coat.

Once it was dry I measured and marked with a pencil where I wanted each knob and pull. I used a drill to drill a hole at each marker, then added my pulls as well! Lastly, since the screws were sticking out of the back, I cut and stapled brown packing paper to the back for a finished look.

I loved the way it turned out.

Repurposed Cabinet Door Turned Jewelry Organizer Display

Here are a couple close ups.

repurposed-cabinet-door-jewelry-organizer (3)

repurposed-cabinet-door-jewelry-organizer (2)

Here’s another fun easy DIY you can do for your closet decor!

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  1. It’s gorgeous. I would love to try something like this. 🙂 I am going to share this post with my best friend, she is obsessed with jewelry and has been looking for a pretty and practical way to store it. 🙂
    Thanks! xoxo

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