Benefits and Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits and Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Including health, there are numerous benefits and uses for Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that can be applied on a daily basis.   It can be used as a drink (recipe for good health), in cooking, in smoothies, energy drinks and more.  The Bragg book includes some delicious recipes.

A short list of benefits includes; youthful skin, fights germs, viruses, and bacteria, helps relieve PMS, helps with digestion, helps with sore throats, helps detox the body, helps fight arthritis and helps retard old age onset.  Bragg ACV contains malic acid that “helps dissolve the uric acid deposits that form around your aching joints” (p. 3).  Besides taking away the stiffness from your joints, it helps relieve muscle cramps, and muscle soreness.

Some additional uses may surprise you, such as it helps with dandruff, dry hair, hair growth, combats corns, callouses and warts, is good for athletes foot, for diaper rash, for sunburns, for lice, insect stings and bites, for ear aches and ear infections, for nose bleeds and as a facial.  I tried this facial from the Bragg book and it works great!

  • Wash your skin in warm water (no soap).
  • Next, apply wrung-out, hot water-soaked cloth to face 3 minutes; then remove.
  • Now soak a thin cotton wash cloth in hot ACV water (1 tablespoon ACV per cup), and again apply to face.
  • Cover ACV-soaked wash cloth with cotton towel wrung out in plain hot water.
  • Lie down for 15 minutes or longer with your feet elevated.
  • Now, remove both cloths and gently rub skin upwards with regular towel. (This rub removes the hundreds of old, dry skin scales that have been detached and loosened by the ACV facial.
  • You can repeat this weekly or as needed. Your skin will glow and  look more youthful.

Apple Cider Vinegar provides many health benefits for young and old alike, and the best thing is that it is organic, with no chemicals, no preservatives, no side effects and it’s cheap!   What makes a brand like Bragg’s the preferred apple cider vinegar?  Isn’t all vinegar alike?


All vinegar is NOT alike!  If you’ve ever used Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar you will notice it is labeled organic and “With the Mother”.  What exactly is the “mother”?  From Bragg’s book on Apple Cider Vinegar we learn that “natural (not distilled) organic, raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) can be called one of Mother Nature’s most perfect foods, the world’s first natural medicine.  Natural ACV is rich, brownish in color and if held to the light you might see a tiny formation of ‘web-like’ substances we call the miracle ‘mother’ … In distilling, the vinegar is turned to steam by heating.  Therefore, it destroys the powerful ‘mother enzymes’ and distills (extracts) natural organic sodium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, copper, natural organic fluorine, silicon, trace minerals, essential amino acids and many other powerful nutrients including pectin…ACV also helps extract calcium from fruits and vegetables, helping to maintain strong bones.  Distilling also destroys the natural malic and tartaric acids which are important in fighting body toxins and inhibiting unfriendly bacteria” (ACV, p. 2).

All vinegar is not the same.  If the vinegar is distilled, pasteurized, filtered, malt, or synthetic it is useless!  Of course, regular vinegars ARE wonderful for other purposes like cleaning, disinfecting, washing surfaces, spraying for ants and weeds, or cleaning fish tanks to name a few.  But, if you want full healthful benefits from your vinegar, use a brand like Bragg that is organic, raw, non-GMO, unfiltered, and contains the Mother.


Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Recipe for good health:

  •             3 tablespoons Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar  (affiliate link)
  •             1 ½ tablespoons raw, unfiltered, organic honey
  •             16 oz. (2 cups) of water

Mix together and refrigerate.  Drink the two cups every day for your health.

I use an old spaghetti sauce jar (in the picture) for this.  You can either shake it to mix or use a blender to mix together.


Apple Cider Vinegar  and Popcorn

If you like popcorn, try popping some organic, non-GMO popcorn (we use Orville Redenbacher’s non-GMO original popping corn).

  • Top the popped corn with organic melted butter and/or some organic olive oil.
  • Add a few sprays or sprinkles of Bragg Liquid Aminos (see note below on this product).
  • Sprinkle with herbs and spices of your choice, like garlic, pepper, crushed rosemary, basil, cayenne pepper, mustard powder, and salt. The choice of flavorings is yours and endless.
  • Oh, don’t forget to sprinkle a little Apple Cider Vinegar over the popcorn too! Yes, a little vinegar!  Delicious!

A quick note about Bragg Liquid Aminos (affiliate link), use this in place of soy sauce.  This product is made from soybeans and purified water.  That’s all!  It contains nothing artificial, is gluten free with no preservatives and its non-GMO.  Try it and you will never go back to those products that say they’re soy sauce.


Sometimes mother does know best, as in the mother in the Apple Cider Vinegar!  Giving Back information about this simple product may help you discover how easy it is to have a healthier life.  I bought this Bragg book at Sprouts market, or you can buy it online at

Benefits and Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

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  1. My Mother swear by apple cider vinegar for controlling heartburn and acid reflux. I invite you to share at my Thursday Favorite Things blog hop . Hugs! P.S. Congratulations on being one of the top DIY blogs to follow in 2015

  2. Thank you! A friend shared with me recently that all the medicine she was taking for acid reflux wasn’t working plus it was making her feel worse. Now she’s using Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar before each meal and the acid reflux is going away! Yea!

  3. I’ve heard so many benefits with taking this.. and I’m especially glad T. Berokoff mentioned about acid reflux. I think it’s time I got on the bandwagon with it..

  4. I’m very excited to see that most mainstream grocery stores are now carrying the Bragg products. Yes, try using their cider and if you can get the book I mentioned you will be amazed by the hundreds of uses for it! Thanks so much for writing!!

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