Book Page Bow

How to Make a Book Page Bow out of Pages from a Damaged Book

I love being creative with recycled book pages and magazines.  They are beautiful on their own, but when you can create something and upcycle them into something new, it’s even better!   Here is simple picture tutorial on how to make a book page bow out of recycled book pages for your upcoming holiday gift wrapping.  It’s so simple and easy and will add a little personality and flare to your gift!  Who would of thought this was so easy!

All you need is recycled book pages, scissors, and double sided tape or a stapler.  Also consider using, colorful magazine pages, scrapbook paper, construction paper, or ribbon.  This DIY craft is really easy and adds that sweet personal touch.

That’s it! Super easy!  For the bow pictured above, I only used five strips.  It’s the perfect size for a ring box or small gift.  You can make a large bow by cutting longer and thicker stripes.  Play around with the size you wish, depending on your gift size. I hope you try out this simple book page bow!

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