Rocket J. Rocky Squirrel Halloween Costume

Rocky and Bullwinkle DIY Rocket J. Rocky Squirrel Halloween Costume

We started a family Halloween tradition of dressing up as a group costume. The first year we were the Addams Family, the second year Monster’s Inc., and this year, we decided to be the characters of the 1960’s cartoon, Rocky and Bullwinkle. Mike will be Boris Badenov. I will be Natasha Fatale. Mia will be Bullwinkle Jay Moose, Berry, and finally our little Nala will be Rocket J. Rocky Squirrel. Here is the squirrel Halloween costume tutorial for Rocky.

My Mother-in Law crocheted the cap for me, but I added the goggles and made the tail. Here is how I made Rocket J. Rocky Squirrel.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Time: 1-2 Hours


  • Blue Cap
  • Recycled Plastic Lids
  • Blue Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Gray Fur
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Pattern Paper
  • Fiber Fill
  • Needle and Thread


How to Make the Rocket J. Rocky Squirrel Hat

I cheated a little on this one! As I mentioned, my Mother-in-Law made the cap for me.

You can also buy them on Etsy. For the goggles I painted two lids from cake sprinkles bottles with acrylic craft paint.  I ended up painting three coats, allowing them to dry in between each coat. Lastly, glue them onto the cap with hot glue.

How to Make the Rocket J. Rocky Squirrel Tail

Amazon has a pretty inexpensive selection of dresses. I bought this toddler gray one here. I will probably have her wear tights or leggings on the night of Halloween.  Here is the link to the dress I bought (affiliate link). It was about $12.00.

I made my own pattern. The size will be determined by the person wearing the tail. I hand drew the tail on paper, making sure the tail curved o that two parts hit the back of the dress in order for me to sew it on. Next, cut out the pattern and then trace both sides onto the back of fur fabric with a piece of chalk.

Cut out the two patterns and sew or glue them together with hot glue. Hot glue was quicker and easier for me then breaking out the sewing machine and changing the needle. It holds very well. Make sure you leave a hole for stuffing. Lastly, stuff the tail with polyester fiber fill and glue the hole closed.

Finally, sew the top and bottom part of the tail to the back of the dress. As you can see in the video and the pictures, my daughter loved this. She did not want to take it off!

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Make the Bullwinkle Costume

The Bullwinkle costume pictured is the one I made for my older daughter. You can get the full materials list and details here: DIY Bullwinkle Costume

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