Skeleton Key Crafts


Every time I go flea market shopping or antique shopping I am always drawn to skeleton keys.  I never buy them but I ALWAYS look at them, touch them, hold them up to the light, and wonder what I could do with them.  The other day I saw some replicas at Michael’s in the dollar bin.  One again, I picked them up, touched them, and held them up to the light.  This time I decided to purchase a few.  Why not, they were only $1.50 apiece.  I chose three and threw them in my basket.  I got in my car, brainstorming my skeleton key crafts, all the way home.

The first thing I do when I think about a craft is I check my craft closet.  What’s in there that I can use?  A long time ago I attempted to make jewelry.  To make a LONG and embarrassing story short, I sucked at it.  So, at the bottom of my closet collecting dust, was some jewelry making supplies.  I took them downstairs and decided that my first skeleton key craft would be a necklace.

Skeleton Key Necklace

This was quite easy and fun, and to be honest I think I’m actually going to wear this necklace!  With some pliers, an old chain, and a Swarovski crystal I had, I created this pretty piece.  The pliers make it very easy to maneuver the little pieces.  I took some photos so that you could see the process.  Easy peasy! I’ve worn this necklace out a few times, and I have gotten several compliments on it… and several requests…hmmm… Esty shop?

Skeleton Key Christmas Ornaments

The next two keys were transformed into Christmas ornaments.  They would also make nice embellishments on a gift.  I used some ribbon, chain, a bead, and a vintage charm that I had.  Here are a few pictures of each.

Here are a couple more pictures of all three.

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