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I know Easter is officially over (hope you had a great one!), but I wanted to share this fantastic Cardboard Box Photo Booth idea from a friend of mine.  This is such a great upcycle and it’s perfect for any party, especially for kids.

My friend had a box from a large flat screen TV which was the perfect size for a photo booth for small children.  She saved it and realized that she could make a two sided photo booth for an upcoming spring party she was planning.  The larger the box, the better, of course!  She cut out one side, and covered the entire box in white paper.

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On one side, painted an Easter theme with a bunny, egg tree, grass, and Easter eggs and cut out holes for your head in the shape of a balloon and an Easter egg.  She painted more Easter eggs and glued them on to add dimension.

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On the other side, she cut out two sections and used two picture frames as a border.  She decorated it with bows and pinwheels from the dollar store.

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The party guests had a great time posing for pictures.

This Cardboard Box Photo Booth could go with any type of theme party, the possibilities are endless!  Consider draping it with material, covering it with patterned gift wrap, or painting it.  You can also place a box or basket of photo props like hats, boas, funny glasses, and masks.  I may have to steal this idea for my daughter’s birthday party this year!


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  1. That’s such a great idea repurposing those boxes. We often have them lying around as well only we repurpose the pictures we find and make pop-ups from them. However, this would be something to think about on a large scale.

    Thanks for the share!

  2. happy belated easter. wow. I must say that that is very creative idea for recycled boxes. i will try that out for my girls next birthday

  3. This has crazy-awesome idea written all over it! I’m going to use our new washing machine box for this soon as the kids are done destroying it as a fort!

  4. Hey this is so cool! Just bought my man a giant shop-vac for his birthday so now I know what to do with the big ole box! :))

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