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I’m no stranger to a good tray upcycle. I’ve upcycled TV trays, an activity tray for my daughter, a mirror turned tray, an old wedding tray upcycle, and I have even upcycled some dollar bin trays into a Halloween serving tray. Today, I want to share an upcycled thrift store tray I found at Savers for $3.99.

Time: One Hour


  • Wooden Tray
  • Fusion Mineral Paint in Bedford
  • Fusion Bristle Brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun


This tutorial can be altered to fit any tray you pick up on a thrift store hunt. Mine happen to have glass and could be disassembled with a screwdriver.  This made it easier for me to paint (in my opinion). There was also little to no prep work for this $3.99 score.  You may need to sand first, depending on the tray.  If it is wood, start with 80 grit and work your way finer. I painted two coats of Fusion paint using a bristle brush. I allowed it to dry in between coats.  I cleaned the glass and inserted a piece of pinstriped paper and reassembled it. Lastly, I hot glued rope around the handles. When gluing the rope, start on one side and use small dabs of glue as you wind the rope around the handle. Make sure the ends of your rope are at the bottom of the handle so that you cannot see it.


Note: I have to tell you… this paint and brush goes on like “butta”!! I painted this tray as a tester before I use it to paint a table I want to makeover for my master bedroom.  If you need details on purchasing the paint and brush, contact my friend (since HS) Ashley from Attics of My Life, and tell her Dinah from DIY Inspired sent you!

Here are a couple after photos.



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  1. This tray came out great. I love the rope handles!

    Thank you for linking up at our Home Matters Link Party!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Randi 🙂


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