Christmas Home Décor Ideas


I needed to change up my Christmas home décor a little this year. First, I have had the same Christmas decorations for over 15 years. Second, last year, we moved into this house on December 23rd. So, I didn’t get to decorate for Christmas last year at all. As I took inventory, I kept some, donated some, and bought some new.

I’m not finished with my living room yet, which has my tree, but I thought I’d break down these Christmas home décor ideas into my family room, kitchen, and dining room. I decided to move from traditional red to silver, gold, and white.  I also mixed in natural elements like wood, and of course greenery.


Family Room

The main part of the family room is the mantel and bookcases. The mantel is very simple with green garland embellished with white feathers, frosted pine, and sparkling gold. I have been wanting a wooden horse for years but every time I saw one it was way too expensive. I finally found a small one for $24.99 at TJ Maxx so I picked it up without hesitation.

The bookcases are filled with small wooden signs and words as well as a beautiful gold deer head and white deer head. My husband and I think we will keep those out all year long. I also found a gold wolf in the clearance section for $6.00. Had to grab it because of our last name!










I kept it simple in the kitchen as well. On our kitchen island, I created a small vignette with apothecary jars and little trees I bought at Walmart last year. I used cotton for snow and a miniature bench that I painted and town clock.




Dining Room

In the dining room, our table is massive, so I have quite the large centerpiece with fake wooden candles with battery operated lights I found at Habitat for Humanity for just a few dollars.  I placed some Dollar Store gold ornaments on a silver mirror. On the buffet, I placed mirrors and a small wreath and two silver deer.







I still need to make some adjustments in the living room, which I kept the traditional red and green. So, hopefully I’ll get to show that soon. Hope you liked what I did so far!

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  1. Your rooms look beautiful! We are just moving this year, so I know what you mean about not decorating. Now I have all year to plan for next Christmas! Thanks for the inspirations!

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