Repurposed Shovel Turned Santa Decor


Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Shovel Turned Santa Decor

Repurposed Shovel Turned Santa Christmas Decor

 From Shovel to Santa!

Nothing says Christmas like Santa and HoHoHo!!!  Looking through my “loot” of junk, I found an old shovel head that I knew would make a perfect Santa by our front door!  Here’s the shovel as I found it.

Repurposed Shovel

After a bit of sanding, all I had to do was add a coat of red paint and take it to Connie Early for the HoHoHo to be added.  Once home, I added an old Santa from my Christmas stash.  A couple of holes drilled in the shovel, wire threaded through the holes and the Santa shovel was ready to hang.

Repurposed Shovel Turned Santa Decor

The steps to this project were: sand, paint, decorate and hang shovel on porch to enjoy!  This shovel ended up in the junk pile because someone thought this shovel’s days of service were long gone.  But, instead, its days of service as Santa are just beginning!

Repurposed Shovel Turned Santa Decor

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Repurposed Shovel Turned Santa Decor Before and After DIYInspired

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