Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Last night I asked my Facebook page, “When do you put presents under the tree? As you buy and wrap them? Christmas Eve?” The reason I was asking is because I love the gift-wrapping paper I bought at Target this year and think it would look nice under the tree. Is that silly? Anyway, I made some free printable Christmas gift tags to match in case you need some!


Here are some of the answers to my questions:

  • The family ones go under as we wrap. Santa’s go out after sleep on Christmas Eve. 
  • As I wrap… on Christmas Eve.
  • When I have completed everything that has to be done, I wrap the gifts and put them under the tree. I’ve still got some gifts left to make this week and I’ll sort everything out and see who I still need gifts for and get them wrapped.
  • When my kids were little, I waited till Christmas eve. Now that they’re all on their own, I put them out as I get and wrap them.
  • I put them out on Christmas Eve. We don’t do Santa but my kids would be messing with them all day trying to figure out what they got lol
  • I used to put a few under as I wrapped them !! I always waited until Xmas Eve when the kids went to sleep to put out all! The SANTA gifts!
  • After the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve.

I used to wait until Christmas eve but now I think I’ll put some family ones under the tree since I love my paper and gift tags!


You can print them here for free: Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

I think they would look great with brown wrapping paper as well. Enjoy!!

When do you place presents under the tree???

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