Creating a Spa-like Zen in Your Bathroom


This article, Creating a Spa-like Zen in Your Bathroom is sponsored by hello. All opinions are 100% my own.

Having a clean, organized, and spa-like bathroom is really important to me.  This is because: 1) there is a peace to my morning routine that I love because my husband and I start our day talking while we get ready, and 2) I’m in there a lot because I LOVE to indulge in bubble baths.  Besides craft time in my craft room, a bubble bath in the tub is my ultimate sanctuary.  There are five things that I do to achieve this Zen-like feel.

Lots of Candles

Nothing says “spa” like several candles.  Surround your tub with different sizes and heights.

hello (2) (560x372)

Use White Towels

Every spa I’ve been to uses white towels.  They represent cleanliness and purity.

hello (3) (560x372)

Oral Care Products I Like and Support

Hello is the first line of seriously friendly oral care. I personally endorse hello because they are Earth-Friendly Products.  All the products are made in the USA using naturally derived ingredients wherever possible, while delivering the experience people want. Their products are never tested on animals.  Also, the toothbrushes are made with 50% recycled materials.

hello (1) (560x372)

Decorate with Shells and Other Natural Elements

Shells and other natural elements remind me of being at a tropical getaway.

hello (4) (560x372)

Hang Serene Artwork

Speaking of a tropical getaway, hang serene photos or artwork in your bathroom to help you relax.  I bought these in Hawaii from a local Photographer.

hello (5) (560x372)

hello (6) (560x372)

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  1. Your bathroom is gorgeous, with and without the white towels. Unfortunately, the only place I could “surround” my bathtub with candles would result in me setting my hair on fire. I do use candles IN the bathroom during bubble baths, just not around the tub.

    I also choose colored towels, to bring in fire and earth elements. Key is that they are super-soft and fluffy, and plush floor mats, as well.

    1. Ooooh! I like that! I’m with you on the floor mats too. Trust me… I have first hand experience with getting my hair caught on fire!! I’m EXTREMELY careful!!

  2. The bathroom used to be my sanctuary…before I had kids :-). I do miss my bubble baths, and when it gets cooler, maybe I’ll start them up again, since my kids have phased out of the “knock on the door every 2 minutes” age.
    I’ll definitely look for the Hello items next time I’m in Target.

  3. We have a teeny tiny bathroom and I have always felt that decorating it would make it appear even smaller. I am now inspired to put up photos, at the very least. Great pictures of Hawaii.

  4. You just reminded me that I should take more bubble baths. I haven’t had one in years. Great tips on making the bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere.

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