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I’ve been slowly working on my daughter’s bedroom decor. Now that she is in the first grade, I wanted to change it just a little. I started off by painting stripes in pink and yellow per her request. I also spruced up some frames for her artwork. Today, I just wanted to share a few changes we made, and hoping you will like this colorful bedroom décor idea that the two of us came up with.

The inspiration for the color scheme came from these organization bins I found at Target. I had smaller bins in there and it worked for years, but these were worth the extra few dollars because they hide the contents inside. The smaller bins overflowed and this looks much more neat and clean.

Storage Ideas for a Girls Room

Above this storage unit were the artwork display frames I made.

Kids Artwork Display with Clips to Change Artwork

We ended up using it for not only artwork, but hats and purses too.

Bedroom for Girls

To the right is a monogrammed “M” I found on sale at TJ Maxx (my fave).

Girls Room Ideas

These mirrors were thrift store mirrors that I painted to match her room. I think I bought both mirrors for about seven or eight dollars total. I also painted this “love” sign that I bought on clearance.

Girls Room Decor

She got a blue desk for her birthday. I love it because it’s both functional and aesthetic. The pop of blue really works in this space.

Girls Bedroom Decor

I also bought clear storage containers at the 99 Cent Store for her art supplies. These were a score too because they were in packs of 3 (small, medium, and large) for 99 cents.

Craft Storage Ideas for a Girls Bedroom

Here is a before and after shot of her room. It’s a big improvement and perfect for my big first grader!

Girls Bedroom Decor Idea - Pink Yellow Blue - DIY Inspired

Girls Room Decor Ideas - DIY Inspired

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