DIY Upcycled Striped Utensil Holder

A friend of mine, Rasy, asked me for tips on how to make a knock off of these utensil holders she loved.  She wanted the look without paying full price. I raided my craft room, gave her some tips, and gave her most of the supplies. She texted me her project, and it turned out beautifully! So today, I want to share this easy DIY upcycled striped utensil holder made from vases Rasy found at a thrift store.

Time: 30 minute plus drying time



This project takes a little bit of time because you want to wait a minimum of one hour in between coats. Rasy found a couple cylinder shaped vases at a thrift store. His shape is ideal for painter’s tape application and straight lines.

Utensil Holder

Tape off the vase with painter’s tape. Use the edge of a credit card to smooth over the tape to ensure no bleeding.

Painted Utensil Holder DIY

Paint one section of your vase and allow it to dry for one hour.

Utensil Holder Upcycling Idea

Remove the tape and then tape off the next side, smooth with a credit card, and paint. Wait one hour for dry time.

Utensil Holder Craft

Utensil Holder Tutorial

Continue this process until you achieved the desired look. Finish by spraying with an acrylic gloss sealer.

Utensil Holder How To

Utensil Holder DIY

Upcycled Utensil Holder DIY Inspired

Here is another one Rasy made.

Striped Utensil Holder Makeover

Utensil Holder Thrift Store Makeover

Utensil Holder Trash to Treasure

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DIY Upcycled Utensil Holder DIY Inspired

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