Upcycled Bed Spring Christmas Tree


Upcycled Bed Spring Christmas Tree

The other day I shared how to make repurposed bed spring Christmas bells. Well, I had one more bed spring left over. I stared at it for a minute and with a hand to my forehead said, “Duh! Christmas Tree!” So, in about five minutes, I whipped up this little trash to treasure bed spring Christmas tree. Here’s how I made it.

Time: 5 Minutes


You can find old bed springs at flea markets and antique shops.  They usually run around $1-$3 a piece depending on the shop owner. You can always haggle!

Bed Spring Craft

I went to the mini tree section at Michaels Craft Stores and found wire garland and a gold star tree topper. I also found some red ribbon with deer heads on them that I used for my wood slice snowman and my repurposed bed spring Christmas bells.

Mini Tree Garland

I wrapped two pieces of the garland around the spring and followed it with the red ribbon.  The gold star fit snuggly on top.

Bed Spring Christmas Tree with Garland

That’s it… super quick and easy, and inexpensive too. It works nicely with rustic holiday décor. I plan to use it on a shelf or on my mantle. I’m not too sure yet.

Upcycled Bed Spring Christmas Tree DIY Inspired

I hoped you liked my five minute repurposed Christmas craft!

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  1. This is a great idea. I have not seen the bed springs with greenery added, it makes them beautiful. I forgot i had bought a bed with these springs until I saw yours on this site. Thank you for the reminder. Merry Christmas

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