Planting Succulents in Thrift Store Vases

Planting Succulents in Containers

I bought some succulents at the Pasadena Flea Market at the Rose Bowl on Mother’s Day (we had a fantastic time by the way… the place was HUGE!). These little lovelies were only a dollar each, which is awesome because they are typically $2.50-ish in stores around here. You can see the little cuties on Instagram. When I brought them home I knew that I wanted to plant them in some thrift store vases that my brother gave me when he moved. Planting succulents is pretty simple. I DO NOT have a green thumb. I repeat. I DO NOT have a green thumb, and I’ve managed to keep some alive for quite some time now.

Here are the thrift store vases I had. I had glass, green glass, and milk glass. I planned on placing them all outside on my patio in effort to make it more homey and an extension of my home.

Succulents in Thrift Store Vases

When planting succulents you can opt to mix potting soil with some gravel. It’s easiest to just get down and dirty and mix it with your hands. Transfer the plants into your container with your newly mixed potting soil and water it.

Succulents - Planting

Succulents Planted in Thrift Store Containers

For two of the containers, I sprinkled gravel on top to cover the soil.

Planting Succulents in Thrift Store Milk Glass Vase

They turned out quite nice!

Succulents in Thrift Store Pots

Succulents in Thrift Store Milk Glass

Planting a Succulent Garden Thrift Store Vases


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  1. I like how you can see the dirt and roots in the clear ones. It reminds me of those old botanical prints. Since your dishes are fairly shallow, it’s making me wonder if those plants would thrive in something even smaller like old teacups. I have an old, cheap collection that I’m not sure how to use.

  2. Danielle, beautiful repurpose, I’ve always loved those vases. I wanted to let you know I’m thrilled to be among the best upcyclers 2015 with you! What an honor. Love your site and everything you stand for!

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