Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring


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Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings Recycled Craft

Bounty paper towels have taken over my household and I know that I will be able to rely on them when cleaning up my messes this upcoming Thanksgiving (which will be here before we know it!).  In fact, it’s number two on my shopping list, after the turkey of course! We will be all stocked up for Thanksgiving and even Christmas. I was challenged to do a Turkey Day Hack with Bounty and of course, I just had to come up with a fun repurposed paper towel roll craft.

Get Ready for Back to School Season with Bounty

Time: 20 minutes


  • Bounty Cardboard Paper Towel Roll
  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun


Cut your cardboard paper towel roll into smaller pieces. You may need two depending on your desired thickness and number of guests.

Repurposed Bounty Paper Towel Roll

You can use any glue, however I like using hot glue because it dries so quickly and is easy to work with. Place a small dab of hot glue at the edge of your ring and start wrapping your rope around the ring.

Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings How To

You only need to apply glue every other wrap around.  Secure the end with another dab of hot glue.

Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings

That’s it! In two easy steps you have an inexpensive upcycled napkin ring for your Thanksgiving table setting that also adds to your Thanksgiving decorations.

Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings Tutorial

This also makes a great Thanksgiving craft for kids if you use a different glue, like white glue. Don’t forget to stock up on your Bounty to help prep for Thanksgiving. They have 2X the absorbancy than other brands. It’s a must have for messes before, during, and after making your turkey, sides, and desserts!

Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

Repurposed Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings DIY Inspired

Thank you Bounty for sponsoring this post! I hope you enjoyed my Turkey Day Hack! What type of Thanksgiving Day hacks do you have?

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  1. This is such a great idea! I am so lucky and don’t have to host Thanksgiving. I may have to take green bean salad which is a pretty straight forward recipe. So to add a little excitement, I make brown sugar bacon butter for the fresh baked rolls (and by fresh baked I mean those ones from the freezer). It’s SO good! And super easy!

  2. Fun idea! For the last 5 years we have skipped cooking and go to Disneyland on Thanksgiving. There are no crowds and you can still get a turkey leg, mashed potatoes and all the sides at the Parks.

  3. I want to try to remember to go through my costume jewelry for any spare earrings to glue on top for a little glitter/glam. I love your idea, and I am thinking of all kinds of variations!

  4. Hello, your idea if very clever, I made few of them, but my rolls are heavier, I cant seem to cup them with the scisor, what do you propose, I used a light sewer by hand, but it did not come out nice. Any idea? lEA

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