Egg Carton Easter Decoration



I’ve been looking for cute little ceramic egg carton everywhere and I can’t seem to find them. During Easter time they seem to be all over Pinterest and I just get the urge to get one but I can’t seem to find one so I decided to make one of my own. I did not need to leave my home to do it, just went to my fridge and used the egg carton I already had! You can always find different kind of egg carton in the supermarket depending on the brand you choose. The one I am using is made of Styrofoam which I got at target.  I like given Styrofoam new life rather than having it sit in a landfill somewhere.    Here is how I made my Egg Carton Easter Decoration.

I cut the lid of the egg carton off and then I cut it in half. I wanted to make a cute little diorama with my egg carton. I went and got moss and little chick from the craft store to use with my egg carton.


I place the moss in the carton and found a cute little mushroom I had purchased a long time ago. I used one of the plastic Easter eggs and pop it open and place a little yellow chick inside of it.


Now I have a cute little diorama to display on my table and it does not only have to be for the holidays. I just love it! I will now think about it twice before I throw out my egg carton out.


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