Mini Elf Reports and Kindness Cards

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My almost ten-year-old is on to me. This is the first year she has suspected that I am in cahoots with our elf, Josie. This is probably partly because I get carried away with things like these mini elf reports and kindness cards. She knows my crafting style, as she is adopting a similar one.

Anyway, I thought I’d share these fun little cards so that you can use them for your elf family tradition as well.

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Print out your free elf reports and kindness cards here: Mini Elf Reports and Kindness Cards

I decided to make a few sizes. You will get:

  1. Three 2” Elf Reports
  2. Two 3” Elf Reports
  3. Four Different 1.5” Elf Kindness Cards

Simply print and cut them out. Regular copy paper works, but a heavier weight paper is better. The paper you see pictured here is glossy photo paper.

Making an Elf Desk

This is where you look around your house to see what will work. I didn’t have a Barbie Doll desk and chair or vanity, so I used a candle for the base and a leftover piece of wood for the top. For the chair I used a tablet holder. You can also use a combo of the following:

  • Tall cup with a small book on top for the desk, and shorter cup for the chair
  • Canned food with food box on top for the desk, and tuna can for the chair
  • Stacked various sizes of books for both the desk and chair

DIY Mini Photos

Making your own mini photos to place on your elf desk is very easy. Here is how to do it.

  1. Find the pictures you want to use and save it to your computer. Facebook is a great resource!
  2. Insert them in a Word document.
  3. Resize them using the picture format tool.
  4. Print them out.
  5. Fold your paper at the top of each photo and then cut them out to create a little stand.

Note: The elf glasses, tie, and suspenders with pants were purchased at Michael’s.

Elf Desk with Mini Elf Reports and Kindness Cards - DIY Inspired

More Elf Printables

I have an occasional free printable like this one and my elf luggage printable or my free bad day poem, but I also have an Esty shop! My DIY Inspired. Inc. Etsy shop helps me pay for the expenses to run this website and all the free tutorials on it. I would love your support!

In my shop you will find these:

Thank you in advance for your support.

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