DIY Christmas Elf Legs Cupcake Toppers


Easy DIY Christmas Elf Legs Cupcake Toppers

These DIY Christmas elf legs cupcake toppers are so fun and easy to make.  They look like the elves had fallen into a pile of snow with just their stocking covered legs and elf shoes popping out of the “snow”. With a few craft punches, paper, straws, and a couple minutes you ca make this fun cake or cupcake topper for a holiday party.


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The base of the shoes are the hearts. Punch out one heart per shoe. We used a tiny sun punch for the shoe pompom, but you can also use a standard hole punch. Use the circle craft punch to cut out the top center of the heart. Turning the heart sideways will make it look like an elf shoe. Glue the pompom at the tip of the shoe. Cut paper straws into thirds and flatten one end with your fingers.  Glue the shoe onto the straw.


Note: Be sure to position the shoes the correct way before gluing them onto the straws so that the pompom toes point out once inserted into the cupcake.


These were very simple to make. We made 36 pairs of red and green elf legs for my friend’s clients and also made some variations of pattern and color for ourselves.


Our elf Josie must have liked them, because the next day, she showed up with some goodies on our kitchen island!




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