Heart Card Craft for Kids

Recycled Kid’s Craft: Heart Card Craft for Kids

If you haven’t noticed, I hoard toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and most recently because of the holidays, gift wrapping rolls. I know I know… but proud of it! We made dolls out of toilet paper and ribbon rolls and a castle out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. This time we made a Heart Card Craft for Kids.

Here’s what you need:

Here is Mia attempting to show you the gift wrapping tube… my little goofball!

Heart Card Kids Craft

Heart Card Kids Craft (5)

Heart Card Kids Craft (1)

I cut small “strips” from the gift wrap roll and shaped them into a heart as shown.

Heart Card Kids Craft (2)

Then, Mia carefully painted each one red. As you can see she’s completely focused! Make sure the paint you use is washable.  Also make sure you protect your work surface. With little fingers on such a small heart, we got red paint everywhere!

Heart Card Kids Craft (3)

While the hearts were drying, I cut out cards from scrapbook paper Mia chose. We made two cards, one vertical and one horizontal. She said she would give them to her two best friends for.  Inside the cards, I let her draw whatever she wanted. With a hot glue gun, I slowly and carefully applied a little glue and stuck them on the front. We were initially going to add ribbon but we liked them simple and as is.

Heart Card Craft for Kids

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Heart Card Recycled Cardboard Tubes

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  1. This is such a lovely idea! There is nothing more sweet than seeing the kids doing some stuff. Kids crafts is really great way to involve the kids in some activities!

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