Superhero Invitations and Gift Wrapping DIY

Creative Superhero Gift Wrapping

I can’t believe my God Daughters are going to be three! This year for their birthday party, they wanted a superhero theme. I volunteered to make superhero invitations and naturally, I had to get a little creative and crafty with gift wrapping their presents. Last year was simple, and I made them Popsicle birthday cards, and for their first birthday I did some coordinated pink and purple gift wrapping using recycled food boxes.  

I designed little superhero emblems, a “J” for Super Jaime, and a “B” for Super Brooklyn. I also free handed some superhero masks out of Astrobrights paper and cut them all out. I glued them on their plain gift bags.

DIY Superhero Gift Bags

DIY Superhero Gift Bags (1)

I also did the same thing for the gift boxes.

Superhero Gift Wrapping

Superhero Gift Wrapping (1)

I wanted to add a cape on the back, so I cut out some wrapping paper in the shape of a cape and taped thin floral wire to underside so that it would stick out and look like the boxes were in flight.

Superhero Gift Wrapping with Paper Cape

I couldn’t help myself with this one! They make me laugh! Here are a couple photos.

Superhero Gift Wrapping with Paper Cape (2)

Superhero Gift Wrapping with Paper Cape (1)

For the invitations, I designed them on for free. I used the emblems I made to look like they are shining in the sky like in Batman.  I also added a colorful skyscraper and some superhero onomatopoeia with a polka dot background. They didn’t take long to make and I had fun doing it for them.

DIY Superhero Invitations (2)

DIY Superhero Invitations

DIY Superhero Invitations for Twins

I printed them out on photo paper. I love how everything turned out!


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