Homeschooling Organization Ideas

Easy Homeschooling Organization Ideas for a Small Space

I have to admit that homeschooling is NOT my thing. I’m having the hardest time. These homeschooling organization ideas I came up with are one of the few things that has helped me keep my cool. My daughter’s books were all over the place. The kitchen counter, the office, her room, everywhere. I needed everything to be all in one place, so I set this area up in my craft room.

Remote Learning Organization Ideas

What You Need:

Here is a list of things that I got from Oriental Trading Company. This list contains affiliate links for each item if you’d like to buy them. You can search the site for your favorite colors and styles.

From home, I already had:

  • Wood crates
  • Mason jars
  • Glass apothecary jars
  • Glue sticks
  • Crayons, Markers, etc.
  • Art paper

Watch the Video Homeschooling Organization Ideas

Here’s a quick video I made for Instagram. Check it out.


Place Labels on Book Bins

These book bins were the biggest life saver. I placed each subject along the side using 3D alphabet stickers. The bins are light, and the books are heavy, but they don’t topple over like I thought they would, so it’s perfect.

At Home Homeschooling Station

I placed three bins on the desk and then the other three bins on top of a wood crate I had so that I could better use the space. These bins were the perfect size for each subject. We had an extra one that we labeled “miscellaneous” for things like her pencil case, agenda book, ruler, and other things.

The best part is that my daughters love the bins so in several weeks there hasn’t been one book out of place. Yes!

Organizing School Supplies

I wanted to make this area fun and colorful. I found it’s best for my kids if they can see everything.

Homeschooling Organization Ideas

That’s why I chose glass jars. No breaks yet! Fingers crossed. In the jars I placed all their supplies for each access. It fits nicely inside the box. Also, no need for fancy jars. You can use recycled spaghetti sauce jars too.

Other Details

We also craft and do art projects on this table, so I added a cutting mat and a roll out art paper stand. I bought that at IKEA a while ago. The table legs also have shelving for extra storage (also from IKEA).

Remote Learning Organization Area

Homeschooling Station Ideas - DIY Inspired

Having an area dedicated for homeschooling has helped so much. It’s even better now that it is well organized.

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